Integral Lighting – Wernersville, PA – New Website Design Launch

Integral Lighting Improves Efficiency by Launching a New and Revamped Website

Wernerville, PA – December 13, 2017 Integral Lighting provides innovative solutions to the hardscape lighting industry. They provide the most up-to-date technology and only release fixtures when they have met their high standards for functionality and safety.

Just as their fixtures are a combination of clean design, easy installation and non-corrosive components, Integral revamped their website to make it easier for customers, giving them a user-friendly and easy to navigate site.

Apart from the home page, the website contains other pages about the company’s lifetime limited warranty, product safety and recalls, specifications and documents, installation guides, becoming a distributor, locating distributors, replacement parts, and more.

The new website is professionally designed by PageOne Design & Marketing LLC, which has a proven track record for delivering only the best products their customers need. PageOne designs, builds, hosts, markets and maintains websites for a variety of companies in multiple industries.

Integral Lighting is backed by over 35 years of experience and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, delivering product and service beyond expectations. Integral is located at 51 North Elm Street, Wernersville, PA 19565 and can be reached at (800)-861-1364. For more information visit or email

Integral Lighting
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Integral Lighting

ShureLine Construction – Kenton, DE – New Website Design Launch

ShureLine Improves Efficiency by Launching a New and Revamped Website

Kenton, DE – July 11, 2017 In the dynamic field of Industrial Contracting, ShureLine Construction recently revamped their website to make it easier for prospective and current clients, each having diverse needs and expectations, giving them a user-friendly and easy to navigate site.

ShureLine is uniquely positioned to complete any construction project successfully. They have over 25 years of expertise in areas such as Design, Civil, Structural Steel, Mechanical Construction, Electrical, Pipe/Skid and Modular Fabrication, and Plant Maintenance. Pride, passion and a commitment to succeed are integral to the legacy of the organization.

The vision of ShureLine is to be the nation’s most dynamic and dependable industrial construction company. The strength of the organization is their ability to exceed customer’s expectations by maintaining the highest safety standards and continuous innovations.

The launch of the new site also facilitates the improvement and leveraging of the latest technologies for delivering high-quality services to our customers. It will focus on converting the concepts of the customers using modular construction techniques into complete Mechanical and Structural Steel design models. Launching of the website is one way that ShureLine aims to make your business part of our company’s portfolio. The success of the organization will be measured by flawless execution and detailed planning of all projects. Apart from the home page, the website contains other pages about the company’s capabilities, portfolio, safety standards, and employment, about us, contact and news.

ShureLine Construction is a premier industrial contractor. From their facilities in Delaware to your site, they deliver top-quality solutions safely, cost-effectively, and on schedule. ShureLine serves customers in a wide variety of industries in the mid-Atlantic states and beyond. ShureLine is proud to tackle some of the industry’s most complex challenges while maintaining an award-winning safety record.

The new website is professionally designed by PageOne Design & Marketing LLC, which has a proven track record for delivering only the best products their customers need. PageOne designs, builds, hosts, markets and maintains websites for a variety of companies in multiple industries.

ShureLine is located at 281 W. Commerce Street, Kenton, Delaware, 19955 and can be reached at (302) 420-1100. For more information visit or email

ShureLine Construction
(302) 420-1100

PageOne Design & Marketing LLC
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Pro Tech Restorations, Inc. Announces New Customer Focused Website

Pro Tech Restorations, Inc. Announces New Customer Focused Website

Monticello, MN – June 26, 2017Company unveils new, customer friendly website, featuring easy appointment scheduling for quality inspections. Specializing in insurance restoration, storm damage repairs for residential & commercial roofing, siding, windows, insulation, gutters & more.

Pro Tech Restoration, Inc. local neighborhood experts in exterior restoration, have launched their new, easy to use website. The customer friendly layout and informative links on the new site make it easier than ever for customers to schedule repairs, learn more about services and contact the company for professional repair services. The site was designed by Pennsylvania based PageOne Design & Marketing LLC.

Pro Tech specializes in insurance storm damage restoration. Repairing residential and commercial roofing, siding, windows, insulation, gutters & more. The company’s new website helps customers to understand the repair process and make good, informed decisions with the help of certified experts.

The entire team at Pro Tech is committed to being your neighborhood experts for commercial & residential roofing, siding, windows, insulation, gutters & more. Especially when it comes to storm damage repair.

As an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, Pro Tech’s work meets the highest industry standards. The company’s repair and restoration professionals take immense pride in delivering the best work down to the very last detail and are committed to their customers even after the job is complete.

When it came time to create a new website, Pro Tech wanted to provide customers with an informative and easy to navigate site. The new website is much like walking into a showroom for the business, visually appealing, welcoming and friendly with quick access to valuable information about the services the company offers and easy one click access to repair estimates and appointment scheduling.

The site also makes it very easy to call the company directly. Pro Tech chose the professional web design staff at PageOne to complete the task. Just as the Pro Tech team are specialists in the field of home restorations and repair, the designers at PageOne are seasoned pros in the field of web design and development for businesses. PageOne has helped numerous businesses across various industries with internet marketing services and a convenient, one-stop shop for business web development needs.

PageOne Design & Marketing, LLC is a leading professional web design and web development company based in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Pro Tech Restoration, Inc. provides commercial and residential exterior restoration and emergency storm damage repairs to customers in the Twin Cities, St. Cloud and Western Wisconsin. Pro Tech Restoration is located at 1248 Edmonson Ave NE in Monticello, Minnesota and can be reached 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week at (651) PRO TECH (651) 776-8324. For more information visit or email
Pro Tech Restorations, Inc.
651-PRO-TECH (651) 776-8324

PageOne Design & Marketing LLC


Pro Tech


Huckestein Mechanical Services, Inc – Pittsburgh, PA – New Website Design Launch

Huckestein Mechanical Services, Inc. Announces Launch of Dynamic New Website

Pittsburgh, PA – June 26, 2017 Huckestein Mechanical Services, Inc., a Pittsburgh-based mechanical contractor company serving clients in western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and northern West Virginia, has announced the launch of its dynamic new website, aptly located at Representatives of Huckestein Mechanical turned to PageOne Design & Marketing LLC, a leading professional web design and web development agency based in northeastern Pennsylvania, for the site’s vivid redesign and enhanced online presence.

Huckestein Mechanical remains the only certified woman-owned-and-operated PA-COSTARS pre-qualified mechanical and engineering/HVAC contractor available for hire in the aforementioned regions of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

“To put a fine point on it, Huckestein is driven by a powerful combination of energy management, on-site service & maintenance, mechanical, financial and marketing experts who drive our company and industry forward,” states Wendy P. Staso, president and CEO of Huckestein Mechanical Services. “We deliver our core capabilities via a system developed and refined through more than 60 years of helping customers manage costs and optimize operations – from concept to installation and service to decommissioning, our comprehensive system approach ensures the best use of our clients’ mechanical equipment, effort and expense.

“In turning to the specialists at PageOne to redesign our website, we have found a one-stop-shop for all our web development needs; perhaps best of all, our customers are the ones who will ultimately reap the benefits of the redesigned with easier-to-navigate elements, bolder colors and a more clearly-defined utility navigation area.”

A “four-pronged” tactic is at the core of Huckestein Mechanical’s operations, encompassing an integrated approach to design and construction (Design), a seamless building process (Build), a SERVICEPLAN platform that provides HVAC service and maintenance to more than 250 institutional/commercial/government facilities (Service) and a comprehensive Planned Maintenance program which is preventative, predictive and proactive (Maintain). Further, the company boasts a myriad of capabilities across a range of categories including on-site service & maintenance, no change order design build projects, energy management and specialty services & diagnostics.

“At Huckestein, we foster a culture of discipline and integrity that permeates every facet of our business,” adds Jonathan Staso, chief financial officer/chief operating officer of Huckestein Mechanical Services, Inc. “From asking the right questions to fixing the problem right the first time when it comes to design build projects, we’re with our clients for the long haul, employing the best-in-class talent and ensuring our clients save time and money.

“What’s more, every day we deliver mechanical solutions with superior customer service and quality, each client relationship we foster based on mutual trust and respect.”

As part of its new website, Huckestein also offers a Facility Management Gateway web portal, providing SERVICEPLAN customers a secure and easy way to review service requests and invoices, enter a new service request, accept a quote and much more. This self-service portal helps faculty owners and operators better manage their business by having a complete mechanical equipment work history at their fingertips, with all information being up-to-date, in real time and delivered on a 24/7 basis.

Huckestein Mechanical Services, Inc. is a professional mechanical contractor serving western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and northern West Virginia. Huckestein is located at 1505 Metropolitan Street in Pittsburgh and can be reached 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week at (412) 678-5900. For more information visit or email

Huckestein Mechanical Services, Inc.
(412) 678-5900

PageOne Design & Marketing LLC
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Do you have a BACKUP of your website? What would you do if….

Website Backup Solution

You have a BACKUP of your website right?  What would you do if your website host, employee, or even yourself accidentally deleted or messed up your entire website?  Or a disgruntle employee or past contracted developer that had access destroyed the website. Or if your site got hacked?  What would you do? Even people who religiously back off their computers sometimes don’t consider that their website needs to be back off as well.

If you don’t have an easy to deploy backup and something goes wrong, let’s say it how it really is, you’re screwed.  You’re going to have to redevelop your website with nothing to work from unless you have a backup…

So let me help you not get, well, NOT get screwed….  :)   Shoot us a message or give us a call today so we can look at the kind of backup solution would work best for your website and give you some peace of mind.

Salon Indulgence – Schuylkill Haven PA – New Website Design Launch

Check out the awesome website just launched for our client, Salon Indulgence of Schuylkill Haven PA.

The website is mobile responsive (easily viewable on phones and tablets), search optimized for their local area so potential clients can find them and eCommerce ready to sell products or gift cards through the website.

Contact us today and mention this post for 10% off your salon website. Offer expires 9/18/2015

Google Punishes Websites That Do Not Look Good On Mobile Phones

Online MarketingDemoted

Today, 4/21/2015, Google is executing a plan to punish websites that don’t look good on mobile phones…

The Good News Is PageOne Can Help You If Your Website is NOT Mobile Friendly.

As of today Google is making a major update to their mobile search algorithm that will change the order in which websites are ranked when someone searches for something using their mobile phone.  This could be one one of your potential customers searching for a product or service that you provide.

The search results are now going to start favoring websites that are mobile friendly, placing them higher in the search rankings for mobile searches.  Simply put, if your website is mobile friendly it will rank higher than those that are not and if it is NOT mobile friendly it will rank lower than websites that are mobile friendly.

So your next question is, is my website mobile friendly?  You can find out here by entering your website address:

As you can see below this can definitely be bad news for your business.  You can click the image below that will open a video to further explain what is happening today.

Mobile Penalty

Small businesses are at a greater risk of being affected by this update because small businesses generally offer a local product or service that people search for on their phones and mobile devices.

Promotion comic

So now you are probably wondering what you need to do!

Do you need a redesign or do you just need to make some changes to your current website?  The answer is it depends, mostly on how old your website is, what platform is was built on and who built it in the first place.  All custom WordPress websites produced by PageOne in the last 2 years are SAFE, some even older than that will be as well since this is a service we have been offering for some time:

If your website is one of the websites that did not pass the mobile friendly test please contact us today so that we can have a look at your website and let you know what needs to be done to get it back in Google’s good graces.

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Graphic Design Services

Did you know that PageOne Design & Marketing also offers Graphic Design?  We are known for our website design services which were our roots.  Since our humble beginnings we have grown and expanded into a full service design agency.

Here are some of the types of design projects we can help you with:

  • Business Card Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Poster Design
  • Magazine Ad Design
  • Newspaper Ad Design
  • Website Banner Ad Design
  • Any Kind of Advertising Design

While we can do work for anyone anywhere, here are some of the local areas we directly service: Schuylkill County, Berks County, Pottsville PA, Schuylkill Haven PA, Tamaqua PA, Frackville PA, Orwigsburg PA, Minersville PA, Mahanoy City PA, McAdoo PA, Hazleton PA, St. Clair PA, Shenandoah, Cressona PA, Auburn PA, Deer Lake PA, Port Carbon PA, Pine Grove PA and many more!

Contact us today to tell us about your project and get a quote.

Can I Just Send All Of My Adwords Traffic To My Homepage?

Homepages are by nature are more of a general catch all… This is where your branding and general call to actions will be found. If you are running paid advertising, like Adwords or some other PPC, you really should have a page that addresses each ad group and each specific problem. Your product or service may solve a multitude of problems and you want to address each one individually.

The more specific you can be, the better your conversion will be.

Given Keyword –> Specific Ad related to keyword –> Specific Landing Page that matches keyword and ad –> Specific Solution on landing page that reads as close to possible to what the potential client searched on –> specific call to action that speaks to the problem = Better Conversions Every Time.

If you have one service that solves one problem your homepage can work. If not, the investment to create a specific lead generation funnel for each problem or category will be more than worth it in the long run.


Average Cost of SEO Services

I get asked this allot, what is the average cost of SEO services…   I just read a really good article on SEO investment today that I wanted to share.  The only part I felt it was missing was that you need to pay more attention to setting the website up for visitor conversion.  No sense sending website visitors to a website that can’t convert the visitor into revenue or at the very LEAST getting them into a company’s sales funnel at some level…

Here is the link:



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