FCKeditor – Cannot upload images or create new folders

Going MadFCKeditor – Cannot upload images or create new folders

If you cannot upload images using the fckeditor or you get the message “You do Not Have Permission to Create the Folder”

This fixed the problem perfectly, if you are having a similar problem please contact us and we can set up arrangements to fix the problem on an hourly basis.

In this file: /FCKeditor/editor/filemanager/browser/default/connectors/php/connector.php – Hardcode the server path to the folder you want to use for images, then set the permissions for that folder to 777.

Next in the above mentioned file:

Change:    $GLOBALS[“UserFilesPath”] = ” ;  to $GLOBALS[“UserFilesPath”] = ‘/’ ;

Finally in the same file change:

$GLOBALS[“UserFilesDirectory”] = GetRootPath() . $GLOBALS[“UserFilesPath”] ;


$GLOBALS[“UserFilesDirectory”] = ‘/path/to/folder/here/images’ . $GLOBALS[“UserFilesPath”] ;

If you want us to do this for you please contact us.

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