How To Make Your Website Work For YOU!

Hey!  Hope you are having an awesome day!  Yesterday I was doing some follow up emails to potential clients that made contact with us sometime ago to see if there might some interest to work with each other yet.  This one in particular that I emailed, I noticed that they did have a new website since our last contact and that it definitely did look better from what I remembered.  So I thought maybe they could still use our help, maybe it is not doing what they want it to do and producing results, so I sent the following email:

“I hope all is well, I am writing to follow up on a previous conversation we had.  We talked about possibly putting together a website for your company and I just wanted to check in and see if that was still something on your to do list…  We also provide online marketing services to help you get your new website in front of potential customers.  Please let me know if there is anything we can do for you and have a great week!”

I then got a response back from the potential client, that seemed like they were a little upset with me as they really like their website, here was their response:

“I’m surprised that you didn’t see my website that I receive many favorable comments on.   When someone has a completed landscape, I don’t knock on their door and tell them I can take it out and put in something else.   What’s going on here????”

I received this response and I was a little taken back as to how to respond…  While on the front end the website was attractive, but from our experience I could see that it was lacking in marketing and local SEO.  You can have the nicest looking website on the planet and if it is not positioned to be seen by the right people the way they want to see it, it will not do that much good.  After a few minutes I responded to the potential client and here is what I said:

“Hi ******,

 Good to hear from you, I did see your website before I emailed you and did notice that it was different from the last time we talked.  I was in no way saying that it looked bad, it actually looks pretty good.  But, in my line of work that is only part of the formula…  I would ask you a few questions like:

 1. Is it is doing everything you want it too?

 2. Is it getting results, meaning new leads and calls?

 3. Can it be found by people that are looking for services you provide but do not know who you are?

 4. Is it mobile friendly, I would be willing to bet if we looked at your site statistics you would find that more people look at your website with a phone or tablet/iPad over a computer.  How does it look in these devices and is it easy to navigate on them?

 5. Are you taking advantage of online marketing/advertising and promotion techniques where you could be getting more exposure?

 If you put some thought into these questions and feel like maybe there is some merit and warrants some discussion let me know and we can figure out a time to talk, have a great day!”

As you can see from my response I highlighted the areas where we feel it could use some help.   In the grand scheme of things,  yes we are a website design company, but the reason why we are successful is because we make our clients successful.  A website needs a plan of action and some kind of marketing, a big mistake that gets made over and over in our industry is the set and forget mentality.  A website can not be built and just left to attract the audience it was intended for by itself, it needs to have a strategy and a plan to go with it.

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