Pay Per Click Advertising Compared to a Real Life Salesman

My thoughts for the day on Pay per Click Advertising, this can apply to any kind of advertising your business does, online or offline…

The sole purpose of advertising is to make sales.  It’s easy to tell if you track your advertising, it is either profitable or unprofitable based on the actual sales that it brings in.  Advertising is not to be used for general effect or to keep in front of a consumer who might one day, maybe purchase your product or service.   Treat your advertising as you would a salesperson you send out into the world to do as their title implies, MAKE SALES.

Force your advertising to justify itself just as you would a salesman through tracking.    Compare your advertising with other advertising just as you would compare one salesman against another.  Advertising cost this much, sales generated were this much, is it worth keeping this salesmen (your advertising)?   Good salesmen do not make excuses for poor sales and you should not accept excuses from your advertising either.  Work with your advertising and get it into shape to produce a desirable result or it will be more of an expensive burden rather than a revenue producing asset.  Food for thought…


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