I Know My Business Needs To Be Online, But I Don’t Know What To Do

We are in a day and age where most business owners realize that they need to be online.  Now, whether or not they are, that is the question.  Then there is that strange bunch that feels the internet is a passing fad that is going to fade out and go away.  I call this denial behavior “the ostrich syndrome” because it is like they are sticking their heads in the sand and hoping that when they pull it back out, the internet will be gone.  We all know that is not going to happen, it is just going to continually evolve into something far greater than it is today, but it is always going to be here.

Because I own a web development company I have had the occasion to speak with a few people who whole heartedly told me that they believe their customers don’t use the internet, so they don’t need it for their business.  As these conversations went on and I would dig a deeper into these beliefs, there was one common thread that I would find across the board.    That thread was that ultimately they did know they needed to be on the internet and they did know that is where their customers shopped.  But what stopped them and made them cling to denial was that they did not know what to do.

Once I would get past that initial barrier there would be questions like, how do I put up a website, how do I get a domain, what do I put on it, how do I get people to look at it, and so on.  The questions were absolutely endless, needless to say that the bottom line was that they needed some help.  Someone that would either take them by the hand and show them what they needed to do or even someone that would just do it for them.

My suggestion if you are one of these people that just does not know what to do, do a local search yourself to find some help.  Go to Google or whatever search engine you are most comfortable with and type in “website designer” then your city and state.  You can always find someone across the country or even overseas for that matter that will do it for you at a very cost effective rate.  But is this is your first time and you want to understand what is going on, use the local search like I just described and find someone close to you.  This way you can sit down in person and have your questions answered.

For me personally, I would say that over 80% of my business are clients that are within 35 miles of our office.  The reason for this is because I give them the face time one on one and thoroughly explain what I am going to do and the result we can expect to achieve.  The other 20% are clients that have either read one of my articles or were a referral from one of my local customers.

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