What happens to businesses that dont get found in a local business search?

Every business in the country harbors dreams of striking it real big and going on to the international scene in some shape or form. That is a good dream to have, but first you must capture your local market.

The first step that a business should take is to get their business online. Consumers in todays world, especially under the age of 50, use the internet as their main source of information. This includes when they need a product or service, they go online to compare local providers. It has never been more convenient ever to make such a comparison with all the information available at the tips of their fingers.

The second step is to make sure that the people in their local community can find them. Some statistics show that on a ratio of 7 out of every 8 times that a person is looking for a local product or service, they will go to the internet first over the yellow pages or other media. That ratio will change from industry to industry, but no matter how you look at it you want those odds in your favor.

Earlier this decade, it was the yellow pages which filled that gap between local customers and their neighborhood businesses. However, like with everything else, the internet made it easier to bridge the gap between service providers and customers, and that solution is through a local business search. This is when a potential customer goes to their favorite search engine and types in the name of the product or service that they are looking for and follow that with a city and state, maybe even a zip code.

What comes next is that they receive back a list of results, most likely one of those results contains the business they are going to spend their money with. Is your business there or are they finding your competition? If you are not sure I would encourage you to go see for yourself. Go to Google, type in the name of your product or service and follow it with the city and state of your target area and see what you come up with. Hopefully it is your business and not your competitions.

Local search is so powerful that giants like Google and other major search engines have their own local search services which even include maps and directions. Most of the modern search engines have special filters in place that search in specific demographic models, and this certainly is the future. If you have a business that primarily caters to a local audience you must get online and be found by the people that are looking for you.

The bottom line is that if a business is not on the internet, they are missing out on a large chunk of todays shoppers; everyone looks on the web first today. On that same note if they are not properly set up to be found on a local business search like Google local or any other local search for that matter, they virtually dont exist in the eyes of the consumer! Get online and get local.

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