Dr. Diesel Logo Design Testimonial – Allentown PA

David and his team have been more than helpful, from the initial phone call to the actual logo design (which we all love) we believe PageOne will be an asset to our business. We have already submitted another project to PageOne! Looking forward to continue working with David and his team.

FYI we took out a billboard ad using the Dr. Diesel logo it came out really great…great job!

– Abbas Morawej

Logo Design Allentown

Can I Just Send All Of My Adwords Traffic To My Homepage?

Homepages are by nature are more of a general catch all… This is where your branding and general call to actions will be found. If you are running paid advertising, like Adwords or some other PPC, you really should have a page that addresses each ad group and each specific problem. Your product or service may solve a multitude of problems and you want to address each one individually.

The more specific you can be, the better your conversion will be.

Given Keyword –> Specific Ad related to keyword –> Specific Landing Page that matches keyword and ad –> Specific Solution on landing page that reads as close to possible to what the potential client searched on –> specific call to action that speaks to the problem = Better Conversions Every Time.

If you have one service that solves one problem your homepage can work. If not, the investment to create a specific lead generation funnel for each problem or category will be more than worth it in the long run.


Average Cost of SEO Services

I get asked this allot, what is the average cost of SEO services…   I just read a really good article on SEO investment today that I wanted to share.  The only part I felt it was missing was that you need to pay more attention to setting the website up for visitor conversion.  No sense sending website visitors to a website that can’t convert the visitor into revenue or at the very LEAST getting them into a company’s sales funnel at some level…

Here is the link: http://www.websitemagazine.com/content/blogs/posts/archive/2014/11/18/the-average-costs-for-seo-services.aspx?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter



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