Google Punishes Websites That Do Not Look Good On Mobile Phones

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Today, 4/21/2015, Google is executing a plan to punish websites that don’t look good on mobile phones…

The Good News Is PageOne Can Help You If Your Website is NOT Mobile Friendly.

As of today Google is making a major update to their mobile search algorithm that will change the order in which websites are ranked when someone searches for something using their mobile phone.  This could be one one of your potential customers searching for a product or service that you provide.

The search results are now going to start favoring websites that are mobile friendly, placing them higher in the search rankings for mobile searches.  Simply put, if your website is mobile friendly it will rank higher than those that are not and if it is NOT mobile friendly it will rank lower than websites that are mobile friendly.

So your next question is, is my website mobile friendly?  You can find out here by entering your website address:

As you can see below this can definitely be bad news for your business.  You can click the image below that will open a video to further explain what is happening today.

Mobile Penalty

Small businesses are at a greater risk of being affected by this update because small businesses generally offer a local product or service that people search for on their phones and mobile devices.

Promotion comic

So now you are probably wondering what you need to do!

Do you need a redesign or do you just need to make some changes to your current website?  The answer is it depends, mostly on how old your website is, what platform is was built on and who built it in the first place.  All custom WordPress websites produced by PageOne in the last 2 years are SAFE, some even older than that will be as well since this is a service we have been offering for some time:

If your website is one of the websites that did not pass the mobile friendly test please contact us today so that we can have a look at your website and let you know what needs to be done to get it back in Google’s good graces.

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The Mobile Tipping Point – Mobile Is Now The Majority

Mobile-WebJust read this report about and an analysis of their customers over the holiday shopping season:

What it drove home for me was that, of all the shoppers that bought products from them, more than 50% shopped via a mobile device or tablet!  That is an incredibly high number!  It proves that mobile shoppers and web browsers are now THE MAJORITY, not the minority, and it is only going to increase from here.

If you are skeptical of where mobile is going, this should put that thought to rest…  What can you for your business?  Make sure you look good and are accessible to mobile devices.


Dependable Home Inspection – Pottsville PA – New Mobile Website

Dependable Home Inspections of Pottsville PA just launched a new mobile website with us!  Most home buyers today are savvy enough to have smart phones and in today’s day and age you need to cater to your customers!  Check it out at: from a mobile device!

Dependable Home Inspections Pottsville

Small Business Saturday – 1/2 Price Mobile Websites

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With thousands of  mobile devices now available to purchase and more than 6 billion mobile subscribers across the globe, it is likely that your customers are already engaging with your company using their mobile device. What type of customer experience are you providing?

The experts at PageOne have been designing mobile websites for years. We have extensive experience developing and building mobile website solutions for all types of businesses. One thing each mobile site we build has in common is that they provide high quality mobile experiences for your loyal and potential customers.Mobile Website Design

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A few examples of our mobile websites, please view them in a mobile device:

Who Doesn’t like Coupons, Especially Mobile Coupons Directly To Their Phone!

Mobile SMS CouponI have talked to many people near and far about the benefits of mobile marketing and a lot love the idea but have no idea how to implement an effective campaign. PageOne Website Design has you covered, we have an all in one package which we will set-up your campaign and show you what it takes to grow your opt-in list beyond your belief.  Can you see the amount of opportunity that comes along with the ability to communicate with your customers via mobile devices right when you want them to see your message? Sky is the limit, and it can be utilize in most businesses. Some features are:

Sending a Standard Text Message
Sending out a Mobile Coupon
Conducting a Poll
Promoting a Text to Win Contest
Sending out Questionnaire’s
Creating Virtual Business Cards
Creating Virtual Punch Cards
Creating Landing Pages for Customer’s Interested in Automobiles or Real Estate

Mobile marketing has an extremely high open rate ranging from 95% – 98% and the redemption rate all depends on how attractive the offer is. In comparison to e-mail marketing the actually open rate is drastically higher and most messages are viewed within a 90 second time span. Most business owners out here not using mobile as a way to drive business simply aren’t because they are intimidated by the thought and have no idea where to start.

That’s ok, if you are good at managing your business focus on your strengths and let us do the dirty work. Mobile marketing is a margin of the cost of traditional advertising and it can be monitored and modified at any point in a campaign. So if you are interested in getting a little more personal with your customers, mobile is for you and PageOne Website Design can make your mobile marketing experience the best investment you ever made.

We are here to help so just give us a few minutes of your time to see what we can do to help grow your business and get you more happy loyal customers!  Call us at 570-794-5089 or request a quote.

Things to think about when setting up your e-mail marketing campaign

Email Marketing SchuylkillKeeping it simple is the key…  In order to run a successful e-mail marketing campaign you must think mobile.  Approximately 52% of e-mails were opened via mobile devices during the first half of 2013.

First thing to keep in mind is to design for mobile, it is much easier to expand than compress.  Second get to the point and make sure it’s readable.  Third create a call-to-action that is extremely easy to access and display your contact information and directions in every e-mail.  Last put the most relevant info. first! As most of us know a majority of e-mails are never read, in order to give yourself the best chance intrigue your audience before they can “X” you out.

Need help with your E-MAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN or RESPONSIVE DESIGN call PageOne Website Design at 1-800-349-0223.

The Importance of Mobile Website Responsiveness In Today’s Online Marketplace

So many of our client’s ask us about what is means to be mobile responsive and whether or not being mobile is crucial for a company’s online sales and services.

The answer simply is YES.
Mobile Website Design
Smartphones are now the #1 way people shop, research and purchase products online…and the market is only growing bigger. Mobile sales are outpacing PC sales for the first time. By next year, it is estimated that 80% of all web searches will be done on a mobile device.

So how do you take advantage of this new trend?  The answer is again quite simple- Responsive Web Design!

Responsive web design makes a single website work efficiently on desktop browsers as well as on the variety of mobile devices.  Responsive architecture guarantees the best quality browsing experience – no matter what device your customer is using and regardless of the operating system.

All Consumers are different… some browse while on-the-go others prefer sitting at a desk. A responsive website adapts automatically according to the device viewing them. That way no matter where the customer is located or what device they are using the same website provides a great experience. Desktops get the full-blown treatment with large images, videos, and animation. Smartphones get a simplified site that runs quickly. Tablets and netbooks get something in between.

If your not sure if your website is responsive, contact us today, we will take a look with you and we’ll show you how easy it is to be mobile responsive as we have several options we can show you.  Give us a call today!

Warmest Regards,
David Kunstek

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Schuylkill Visitors Bureau Mobile Website Live Today

Announcing the launch of The Schuylkill visitors bureau mobile website.  It can be viewed automatically by going to from a mobile device or can be accessed directly at:  In keeping with times the visitors bureau of Schuylkill country recognized that some type of a mobile presence is required in this day and age and we agreed!  Not just because it is a service that we provide but it really is where the future is going.  Visitors to the county will undoubtedly be using mobile devises while in the area and now that can view the visitors bureaus website in a format that is more user friendly and optimized for their mobile device.

Your Website IS how your business is perceived

In today’s day and age people form a perception about companies that has NOTHING to do with the building they are located in, the physical location has very little impact in most industries.  Do you really care if your landscaper is working out of his garage or your plumber has everything he needs in his truck and does his paperwork at his kitchen table?  How about an insurance agent, independent financial adviser or public adjustors, most of these people do not have a physical office either.  Do you even ask these type of service providers when they show up about their office or shop?  My bet is the answer is no, you don’t…

So, with that in mind, where do you think that the perception of a business comes from today?  It comes from the digital realm…  It comes from the look, feel and information found on the company’s website!   How does your website look when viewed on a mobile phone or another mobile device?  Do a quick test and have a look, if you don’t have a smart phone to see for yourself I would be willing to bet the very next person you meet today does and they can show you exactly what the perception of your business to the outside world really is.

If you have any thoughts or questions about what you see, feel free to give us a call to get our no obligations opinion of your businesses online perception.

~ David

PageOne Website Design

Nice website, TOO BAD it looks terrible on my mobile phone

Says the potential customer that never contacts you…

Responsive web design, what does this mean exactly?   As I am sure you are aware there are THOUSANDS of mobile devices on the market today and more coming online every day.  So how do you get your website to display correctly and professional looking on all of these different devices if they all have different screen sizes and technology that renders your website differently?

The answer is responsive web design…  Depending on the application and intended audience we do this a few different ways.  My favorite option, is that we can create a mobile only version of a website.  I am sure you have seen one before, your browsing along on your mobile device, go to a website and you get automatically redirected to version of the website that is more compact, has all vital information and is optimized for mobile viewing, ya we can build one of those for you too…  Considering mobile devices outnumber PCs 4-1, you might want to consider mobilizing your website.

Another option would be where we would leverage your websites CSS and create a site layout that would adapt itself to the screen size of the mobile device that is accessing it.   This is definitely the more complex and time consuming option of the two.  Which one you choose entirely depends on your websites goals and what you are trying to accomplish.  If you are interested in learning more about our mobile services please give us a call at 570-794-5089.

David Kunstek, Web Developer

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