Gillingham Charter School Names PageOne as new website designer

We are pleased to have been chosen by the Gillingham Charter School  board of trustees to redesign and maintain their school’s website.

For the full press release:

Dependable Home Inspection – Pottsville PA – New Mobile Website

Dependable Home Inspections of Pottsville PA just launched a new mobile website with us!  Most home buyers today are savvy enough to have smart phones and in today’s day and age you need to cater to your customers!  Check it out at: from a mobile device!

Dependable Home Inspections Pottsville

Want More Business? Then Start Blogging…

Do you think blogs are only for people who want to vent their emotions and personal opinions? Or maybe that you have to be technically astute… up to date on all the new high tech gadgets to be able to write one? Or maybe you think that blogging is just for high tech pundits?

Well, nothing could be further from the truth. The main focus of bloggers today is to interact and attract customers. Most blogs are now written to improve a business or individual’s online presence and enhance their brand. And with the amazingly advanced yet simple blogging software, anyone can have a blog.

Corporate Blogging is now Big Business

Why? Simply- having a blog on a business site has become one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to reach customers and interact with them. With a blog a business’s message can be totally versatile and adaptable… affording the extra space every business needs to express their main message. Certainly  a company can now address subject matters that may just not warrant a press release.

Blogging Has Come a Long Way

Let’s look more deeply into the benefits. Here’s three big ones-

  • The ability to have your voice heard. You can talk about more informal topics that are not in the main “product page” on your site. It gives you a personal connection to your customers, business associates, and other contacts. For an entrepreneur, it’s a more intimate way to connect and interact with your clients or colleagues.  They’re people, just like you, and a blog allows you to make that connection.

  • A blog will assist in building a following of loyal fans. When you update your blog consistently and frequently, people will feel compelled to come back and get involved. But content is king only if your blog is engaging. Offering expert advice, sharing great new ideas and even selling your company’s products and services in a more personal way… that’s what will bring people back. They’ll become loyal to your brand, you increase your overall site traffic, and you keep your brand at the forefront of their minds.

  • Money…. If you can spend a fraction of the cost… spend thousands instead of millions of dollars on improving your online brand presence… that is one BIG benefit. Your ROI is looking a whole lot better. Thanks to the Internet, the rise of blogging, and the increasing popularity of social media, companies are much better equipped to take advantage of the vast consumer base and not spend lots and lots of advertising dollars.

In conclusion, whether you are thinking about adding a blog to your company’s site or you are an entrepreneur looking to improve your outreach, the benefits are incredible. Is there a better way to entice your customers to shop, research, learn and be involved. NO, not any more there isn’t!

Small Business Saturday – 1/2 Price Mobile Websites

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Normally $399 and $14.95 per month, this weekend only, $199 and 14.95 per month.

With thousands of  mobile devices now available to purchase and more than 6 billion mobile subscribers across the globe, it is likely that your customers are already engaging with your company using their mobile device. What type of customer experience are you providing?

The experts at PageOne have been designing mobile websites for years. We have extensive experience developing and building mobile website solutions for all types of businesses. One thing each mobile site we build has in common is that they provide high quality mobile experiences for your loyal and potential customers.Mobile Website Design

Business Saturday!  For this weekend only, we are offering 1/2 price 5 page mobile websites.

Normally $399 and $14.95 per month, this weekend only, $199 and 14.95 per month.

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A few examples of our mobile websites, please view them in a mobile device:

Who Doesn’t like Coupons, Especially Mobile Coupons Directly To Their Phone!

Mobile SMS CouponI have talked to many people near and far about the benefits of mobile marketing and a lot love the idea but have no idea how to implement an effective campaign. PageOne Website Design has you covered, we have an all in one package which we will set-up your campaign and show you what it takes to grow your opt-in list beyond your belief.  Can you see the amount of opportunity that comes along with the ability to communicate with your customers via mobile devices right when you want them to see your message? Sky is the limit, and it can be utilize in most businesses. Some features are:

Sending a Standard Text Message
Sending out a Mobile Coupon
Conducting a Poll
Promoting a Text to Win Contest
Sending out Questionnaire’s
Creating Virtual Business Cards
Creating Virtual Punch Cards
Creating Landing Pages for Customer’s Interested in Automobiles or Real Estate

Mobile marketing has an extremely high open rate ranging from 95% – 98% and the redemption rate all depends on how attractive the offer is. In comparison to e-mail marketing the actually open rate is drastically higher and most messages are viewed within a 90 second time span. Most business owners out here not using mobile as a way to drive business simply aren’t because they are intimidated by the thought and have no idea where to start.

That’s ok, if you are good at managing your business focus on your strengths and let us do the dirty work. Mobile marketing is a margin of the cost of traditional advertising and it can be monitored and modified at any point in a campaign. So if you are interested in getting a little more personal with your customers, mobile is for you and PageOne Website Design can make your mobile marketing experience the best investment you ever made.

We are here to help so just give us a few minutes of your time to see what we can do to help grow your business and get you more happy loyal customers!  Call us at 570-794-5089 or request a quote.

We Are Hiring: Graphic Designer / Web Designer / Project Manager Position

Website Design HiringWe are looking for an individual that has graphic design experience; HTML & web experience would be helpful but would be willing to train the right person.  Much of duties listed will require training; applicant must be willing and able to learn.


Duties include but are not limited to:

  •  MUST have image editing capabilities such as Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator experience – will need to be able to edit layouts, edit photos and generate ad and banner graphics.
  • Updating client websites per client directions
  • Managing web design projects using project management software from start to finish
  • Social media duties, internally and for clients
  • Entering products into client eCommerce shopping carts
  • Taking phone calls from clients and responding to them
  • Help clients with setting up email accounts
  • Training clients on how to use their websites (CMS & Ecommerce)
  • Time management skills
  • Prioritize and organize new projects
  • Keep detailed accounts/status for each client/project
  • Request clients content/text, images, logos
  • Adjust design until clients approval
  • Locate template (if not a custom design) that meets their needs
  • Import information gathered – products, images, text – to build demo
  • Communicate with client during progress until completion
  • Get Approvals from client to publish website demos
  • Install form manager, create forms, import onto website
  • Communicate with associates (such as server techs, copywriters, etc)

We are a small business and sometimes tasks even outside of these duties will be required.  The ultimate goal will be that our clients are beyond satisfied with our service and would recommend us to others.

Mobile Responsive Design for Beginners

Mobile Responsive DesignLet me start by answering the question, what is mobile responsive design?

Mobile responsive design is a unique may to design a website that allows browsers an easy to use, visible layout that modifies itself to the specific device it is being viewed on. Most people that hear the term mobile responsive design don’t have the slightest clue what is being talked about. In today’s business environment people expect information to be fast and convenient and if you cannot provide them the proper information in a concise manner they will probably end up on a competitor’s page.

Lost opportunities are being found by people on a daily basis and we only have a brief amount of time to capitalize on the opportunities around us. Don’t miss your opportunity when you get your chance to make an impression. At PageOne Website Design we make great first impressions, we have budgets that fit the needs of most and we work with you throughout the process to guarantee your final project isn’t just another website.

When we finish with your project we strive to accomplish a website that you can be proud of, regardless the device you are using. We have the ability to build custom sites from the ground up or a template site which can be modified to fit your company’s personality, you make the call, either way we make it yours. Websites are one of the most sound investments any business owner can make! Let’s admit it, a website allows potential customers that never knew you existed not only to discover what you can provide for them but also get a feel for the type of organization you are.

A mobile responsive website can really broaden your horizons and drastically enlarge your pool of potential clients. Oh yea and what is also nice about MRD is Google loves it, your new design can help you to rank higher in search engines along with our copywriter service that helps you to build compelling content that your customers appreciate. Mobile responsive design will allow you to remain cutting edge and head and shoulders above to completion.

We are here to help so just give us a few minutes of your time to see what we can do to help grow your business and get you more happy loyal customers!  Call us at 570-794-5089 or request a quote.

Many Salon And Spa Owners Do Good Work; Few Know How To Show It Off

Beauty Salon Website DesignWhat does every salon owner want? Filled seats and a packed schedule, right? Well that’s what we do for a living here at PageOne Website Design, we help business owners achieve the results that their looking for through multiple marketing mediums.

We design to appeal to your core customers, keep them coming back and bring their friends along that were going to your competitors across town. First things first, the internet is where most people are going to find an array of things these days and if you’re not there then you are already cheating yourself. People don’t just want to go to any salon or spa parlor, they want to go to a reputable establishment. The best way to show customers that you are reputable is by establishing your very own virtual showroom, your website.

In an industry like salon and spas potential customers are not just going to jump ship, they need a good reason to change. A new website that appeals to your target market seamlessly regardless the device they are using is a great way to show that you care about your customer’s experience. Before and after pictures, new trends, new services, advice on how to keep your new look in tip top condition will all be at your finger tips with your new found ability to blog.

Another very effective tool that PageOne can bring to the table is text(sms) marketing via mobile engagement, whether it is a promotion/special or an appointment reminder. PageOne puts you in the center of today’s cutting edge concepts to keep your customers up to date on why you are the best salon in your area.

We are here to help so just give us a few minutes of your time to see what we can do to help grow your business and get you more happy loyal customers!  Call us at 570-794-5089 or request a quote.

Packing your restaurant is easier than you think with the proper approach

restaurant website designMost restaurant‘s have plenty to offer but don’t know how to relay that message to their customers.  No matter if its breakfast, lunch or dinner you must cater to your customer’s appetite.  Most people are looking for great food and relaxation when they enter the walls of a dining establishment.

Regardless if its fast food or fine dining PageOne Website Design can make your website experience as enjoyable as your in house dining. Along with an up to date mobile responsive website we can also help you promote your restaurant with mobile coupons and promotions.

SMS or text messaging is a very effective way to communicate and will only continue to pick up over time. We provide a service that will actually allow your customers to opt-in to your mobile coupons/promotions so they can get the most bang for their buck and you can bring in more customers on those slow days.

We are here to help so just give us a few minutes of your time to see what we can do to help grow your business and get you more happy loyal customers!  Call us at 570-794-5089 or request a quote.

Things to think about when setting up your e-mail marketing campaign

Email Marketing SchuylkillKeeping it simple is the key…  In order to run a successful e-mail marketing campaign you must think mobile.  Approximately 52% of e-mails were opened via mobile devices during the first half of 2013.

First thing to keep in mind is to design for mobile, it is much easier to expand than compress.  Second get to the point and make sure it’s readable.  Third create a call-to-action that is extremely easy to access and display your contact information and directions in every e-mail.  Last put the most relevant info. first! As most of us know a majority of e-mails are never read, in order to give yourself the best chance intrigue your audience before they can “X” you out.

Need help with your E-MAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN or RESPONSIVE DESIGN call PageOne Website Design at 1-800-349-0223.

Call 570-794-5089 to get started today!
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