Packing your restaurant is easier than you think with the proper approach

restaurant website designMost restaurant‘s have plenty to offer but don’t know how to relay that message to their customers.  No matter if its breakfast, lunch or dinner you must cater to your customer’s appetite.  Most people are looking for great food and relaxation when they enter the walls of a dining establishment.

Regardless if its fast food or fine dining PageOne Website Design can make your website experience as enjoyable as your in house dining. Along with an up to date mobile responsive website we can also help you promote your restaurant with mobile coupons and promotions.

SMS or text messaging is a very effective way to communicate and will only continue to pick up over time. We provide a service that will actually allow your customers to opt-in to your mobile coupons/promotions so they can get the most bang for their buck and you can bring in more customers on those slow days.

We are here to help so just give us a few minutes of your time to see what we can do to help grow your business and get you more happy loyal customers!  Call us at 570-794-5089 or request a quote.

Marketing Your Schuylkill County Business On Facebook

Marketing your Schuylkill County business on Facebook does not have to be complicated if you follow just a few basic rules and have the proper tools.   Of course, if you DON’T WANT to do it yourself, we would be more than happy to take care of that for you….



Link Building and Why it is Important

Once you have the actual pages of your website optimized for given search phrases all that is left to do is link building. Link building really is the single most significant factor to obtaining and holding high rankings in the search engines. It is imperative that persistent efforts are made and a long term plan be in place to guarantee continued success in the search engines. Links actually play significant roles in the governing of the rankings on ALL search engines, not just the 800 lb gorilla, Google.

The greatest links that a website can gain are natural one way links. These are derived usually because the website is of high importance to a particular audience or just has superior content and is looked at as an authority. People link to it because they find it generally useful, informative or maybe it contains a tool useful to its intended audience.

The more links a website has, the more authoritative or reliable the search engines think that website is. Now there are many other factors, but in simple terms, you want as many links as you can get from relative, high quality websites pointing towards yours.

There are a number of different linking strategies you can employ to attempt to raise your website up the ranks for a given keyword. Just to name a few tactics that you can employ:

1. Natural Link Building – This is basically the practice of adding well thought out quality content to your website. It must be content that your intended audience finds useful enough that they link to it with the intent of sharing it with others. They found it useful and figured that others like them would as well. These are generally the best type of links you can get since they are one-way links and you really don’t have to pursue the acquisition of them.

2. Reciprocal Linking – This is the practice of exchanging links from your website with another website that is related to yours. It is a win-win relationship for both websites. Just as anything else this should be done in moderation and you want to stick with websites that you would link to even if you were not exchanging links. The website you are linking to should provide some sort of value to your website visitors and not just be a tactic to help rank better in the search engines.

3. Press Release – This can be done to help build links back to your website and also promote your website at the same time. In one respect it helps get the word out about the usefulness of your website, on the other end it can help build backlinks. To do this it also needs to be a newsworthy topic, if you are releasing garbage or just general information to try and get back links from PR websites that post the release it will not be well received or even ignored by your intended audience.

4. Article Distribution – This is one of my favorites and over time it turns into a tactic that keeps on giving. You write an article about your niche or something related to it and then syndicate it though article directories. At the end of the article you can give yourself credit for writing it and provide an active link back to your website. At first the articles don’t send you all that much in terms of link juice. But give it a little time and as the articles age in their respected homes, gain some page rank and then in turn will pass it to your website. An article you write today that possibly ends up on a few hundred websites may continually increase in values for many months to come and in turn pass that value to your website.


Does your business need a professional website that can be found in your local market? David Kunstek a Link Building expert can help. His main goal is to help businesses attract more clients from their website. For your free evaluation visit our website at or call today at 1-800-349-0223.

Expect a Return on Your Investment from Your Website

The name of the game is turning your website visitors into paying customers. There are so many Billions of dollars of buying decisions that are influenced by a company’s website. This fact makes a person wonder why so few businesses are focused on testing and tweaking their websites to obtain the maximum return on their investment.

Whats even worse is that so many businesses look at designing their website to have a flashy appearance and flawless graphical appeal. But the bottom line is that you can have the most stunning website on the internet but if no one can find it, what does it matter? Having a great looking website is where it all starts, but the true measure of the worth of a website is in how well it attracts visitors and then converts browsers into buyers.

A website needs to start with a goal, what is it exactly that you want to accomplish? Maybe you want your website visitors to sign up for your company newsletter or maybe you have an ecommerce website where you want the visitor to make a purchase. Some other goals could be to increase the sales of your brick and mortar store, generate sales leads, reduce your adverting or support cost and even simplify some of your business processes, both internal and with clients. Whatever your goal is, as long as you have one from the beginning you will be ahead of most of your competitors who never thought it through.

In our experience is takes just as much money to create a website that performs poorly rather than a lead generating powerhouse. So if you are going to spend the money make sure you do it right and if you don’t know how, hire someone that does. It makes no sense guessing or wasting time with trial and error when you could pay someone that can set your website up for success.

So let’s assume for now that you have defined a goal, you consulted with a company that can set you up for success and the preverbal train (your website) is going down the tracks and starting to pick up steam. What do you do now? This is the part where you measure, monitor, adjust and control the direction your website is heading.

For this you will want to have some sort of analytics installed that will give you very detailed information. You will want to know things like the total number of visits, how many unique visitors, what page they came in on, what page they left on and most importantly how they got to your website.

They could have come from a referring website that links into you or they could have typed in some search terms and found you in Google. You will also want to make note of the keywords that brought them to your website. It is possible that maybe you were ranking on page 3 but they still found you. But since you know the keyword and where they came from you can now take specific actions to improve the ranking for that particular keyword.

Now that you are getting traffic and monitoring it, your last step is to track the conversions. You are going to be looking at how many visitors that found their way to a specific page and took a specific action that you intended as the main goal for that page. It could be 100 to 1, 50 to 1 or even 10 to 1, it all depends on your offer and how targeted the traffic getting to the page actually is. What you want to do now is look for ways to increase conversion. Sometimes it could be as little as changing a few words on the website. Other times it may require an entire overhaul of the page and the message.

As you can see a website is really a major extension of your business. When planning a website always take the time to define your goals, develop a plan to meet the goals and constantly monitor and adjust to improve your conversions.

Does your business need a professional website that can be found in your local market? David Kunstek a Local Search expert at PageOne Website Design can help. His main goal is to help businesses attract more clients from their website. For your free evaluation visit our website at or call today at 1-800-349-0223.

How a Small Town Business Can Benefit From Basic Link Building

In small towns and cities throughout the United States or any country for that matter you will find small pocket areas where there are not that many competing businesses in a given profession. This can also be seen in some suburbs outside of larger cities. Because of the low number of competing businesses in a given area there lurks major opportunity for the business that knows how to harness the power of the internet.

With the changes in consumer shopping habits that have trended towards the internet, having a business online that is able to be found by hungry consumers is an absolute imperative. It is better than any advertising medium you could possibly spend your money on. There are potential customers searching for your service in your local area on a daily basis. The question is how easy is it for them to find your business.

In a small town area I have found that it is fairly simple to capture that market for your business. Obviously the first thing you need is to have a professional, well planned website. Next what you need to do is to find a way to get these people who are searching for someone that provides your very service to your website. Since the competition is low in your particular area, in my experience I would be willing to bet that the businesses that are currently ranking on a giving search in your local area are there totally by accident. They have no clue why they are in the top position or how they got there, but are glad that is where they are.

In a situation like this I have found that it is so very easy to dethrone them from this position and move your business in their place with just a few simple steps. Really, it is just 4 steps, while going into complete detail is beyond the scope of this article I am going to list them here. Even if there is a decent amount of competition in your area, these are the basics steps that can be used to move your website up the rankings; you just have to keep at it.

1. Make sure you have proper on-page search engine optimization done on the page you are trying to rank for. This includes making sure the keyword appears in the proper places on the website, the title tag, the H1 tag, the description tag, the keyword tag, the first 25 words, the last 25 words and bold and italicize it somewhere on the page.

2. Get incoming links from any local association you belong to like a chamber of commerce or niche directory. A home builder would want a link from the local home builders association, maybe even other contractors and so on. It is very important that all incoming links contain the proper strategic anchor text as well. Anchor text is the words you click on that contain a link to another webpage.

3. Make sure your business gets listed in Google Local, Yahoo Local listings and Bing. You will also want to make sure you submit to the yellow pages and register for the free listing. If you have any suppliers or distributors of your product you will also want to ask them to link in to your website.

4. Finally you will want to write about a dozen good articles about your area of specialization. If writing is not your thing, find some to do it for you or even hire a freelance writer to do it for you. What you will do with these articles is submit them to article directions at a rate of about 2 per week. What happens here is that your articles will contain links back to your website. Other webmasters are free to publish them on their websites with the stipulation that your links must stay intact. The more links with the proper anchor text pointing back to your website, the more popular your website will become for that given keyword.

Then in possibly just a few weeks up to a few months your website will begin to climb the ranks. Continue submitting articles in this fashion until your reach your desired rank. Once you get there, keep at it for another 6 – 8 weeks, this will help solidify your position. After that point you may want to do one per month just for maintenance. That’s all there is to it, it’s really not rocket science, so dig in and claim your customers.


Does your business need a professional website that can be found in your local market? David Kunstek a Local Search expert at PageOne Website Design can help. His main goal is to help businesses attract more clients from their website. For your free evaluation visit our website at or call today at 1-800-349-0223.

I Know My Business Needs To Be Online, But I Don’t Know What To Do

We are in a day and age where most business owners realize that they need to be online.  Now, whether or not they are, that is the question.  Then there is that strange bunch that feels the internet is a passing fad that is going to fade out and go away.  I call this denial behavior “the ostrich syndrome” because it is like they are sticking their heads in the sand and hoping that when they pull it back out, the internet will be gone.  We all know that is not going to happen, it is just going to continually evolve into something far greater than it is today, but it is always going to be here.

Because I own a web development company I have had the occasion to speak with a few people who whole heartedly told me that they believe their customers don’t use the internet, so they don’t need it for their business.  As these conversations went on and I would dig a deeper into these beliefs, there was one common thread that I would find across the board.    That thread was that ultimately they did know they needed to be on the internet and they did know that is where their customers shopped.  But what stopped them and made them cling to denial was that they did not know what to do.

Once I would get past that initial barrier there would be questions like, how do I put up a website, how do I get a domain, what do I put on it, how do I get people to look at it, and so on.  The questions were absolutely endless, needless to say that the bottom line was that they needed some help.  Someone that would either take them by the hand and show them what they needed to do or even someone that would just do it for them.

My suggestion if you are one of these people that just does not know what to do, do a local search yourself to find some help.  Go to Google or whatever search engine you are most comfortable with and type in “website designer” then your city and state.  You can always find someone across the country or even overseas for that matter that will do it for you at a very cost effective rate.  But is this is your first time and you want to understand what is going on, use the local search like I just described and find someone close to you.  This way you can sit down in person and have your questions answered.

For me personally, I would say that over 80% of my business are clients that are within 35 miles of our office.  The reason for this is because I give them the face time one on one and thoroughly explain what I am going to do and the result we can expect to achieve.  The other 20% are clients that have either read one of my articles or were a referral from one of my local customers.

Does your business need a professional website that can be found in your local market? David Kunstek a Local Search expert at PageOne Website Design can help. His main goal is to help businesses attract more clients from their website. For your free evaluation visit our website at or call today at 1-800-349-0223.

Local Search Marketing and the Small Business

So much has changed over the last 5 years or so in the shopping habits of consumers. With the busy lifestyles, duel income families, kids in school, after school sports and then somewhere in there finding time for family time. It is no wonder why shopping habits for both products and services has moved to the web. For physical products it is a quick and easy way to comparison shop. From a single search you can review several different products from the convenience of your own home, find the best price, then either physically go the store and make the purchase when you have the time or buy it right there and then online.

When it comes to shopping for services like a new landscaper, heating oil delivery, even insurance, the internet makes the process so much easier. The consumer goes to their favorite search engine, types in the name of the service they are looking for and follow it with a city and state so they only get results that are local. They would then browse the websites of those results, immediately discount some of them because of their unprofessional look. Then move on to investigate the few that are left. At this point they are going to be looking for things like customer testimonials, maybe even before and after pictures if it is a business like a landscaper. They just want to be sure before they actually make the call that they are making the right choice.

Now, what if your business is one of those that looks unprofessional because your uncle second cousins son did it for you? While it is great to get your business online and have your very own website it would almost be better to have no website at all rather than one that looks unprofessional. Look at this way, this shopper has no clue who you are, doesn’t even know what you look like. But based on the esthetics of your website they will pass a judgment on your business because your website is the first impression they get of you. What kind of an image do you want them to have? One where it looks like you do things half fast and unprofessional or one that displays a clean professional look and screams I do professional work and I’m proud of it?

On the other end of the spectrum, let say you have one of the nice looking websites in your local area but for some reason no one ever finds it. That kind of defeats the purpose of all that work you put into it, doesn’t it? There are a number of things you can do to help promote your website. For starters put the web address on everything, vehicles, invoices, receipts, business cards, pretty much anything that can be seen or touched by potential clients. Next you will want to do some type of online advertising, things like pay per click and search engine optimization. Generally unless you are very tech savvy and want to figure things out for yourself you will want to consult someone that specializes in online marketing.

The bottom line is that in today’s day and age your business must be online and be able to be found by those that are seeking your service. They are going to find someone, the question is, are they going to find you or your competitors.

What happens to businesses that dont get found in a local business search?

Every business in the country harbors dreams of striking it real big and going on to the international scene in some shape or form. That is a good dream to have, but first you must capture your local market.

The first step that a business should take is to get their business online. Consumers in todays world, especially under the age of 50, use the internet as their main source of information. This includes when they need a product or service, they go online to compare local providers. It has never been more convenient ever to make such a comparison with all the information available at the tips of their fingers.

The second step is to make sure that the people in their local community can find them. Some statistics show that on a ratio of 7 out of every 8 times that a person is looking for a local product or service, they will go to the internet first over the yellow pages or other media. That ratio will change from industry to industry, but no matter how you look at it you want those odds in your favor.

Earlier this decade, it was the yellow pages which filled that gap between local customers and their neighborhood businesses. However, like with everything else, the internet made it easier to bridge the gap between service providers and customers, and that solution is through a local business search. This is when a potential customer goes to their favorite search engine and types in the name of the product or service that they are looking for and follow that with a city and state, maybe even a zip code.

What comes next is that they receive back a list of results, most likely one of those results contains the business they are going to spend their money with. Is your business there or are they finding your competition? If you are not sure I would encourage you to go see for yourself. Go to Google, type in the name of your product or service and follow it with the city and state of your target area and see what you come up with. Hopefully it is your business and not your competitions.

Local search is so powerful that giants like Google and other major search engines have their own local search services which even include maps and directions. Most of the modern search engines have special filters in place that search in specific demographic models, and this certainly is the future. If you have a business that primarily caters to a local audience you must get online and be found by the people that are looking for you.

The bottom line is that if a business is not on the internet, they are missing out on a large chunk of todays shoppers; everyone looks on the web first today. On that same note if they are not properly set up to be found on a local business search like Google local or any other local search for that matter, they virtually dont exist in the eyes of the consumer! Get online and get local.

Does your business need a professional website that can be found in your local market? David Kunstek a Local Search expert at PageOne Website Design can help. His main goal is to help businesses attract more clients from their website. For your free evaluation visit our website at or call today at 1-800-349-0223.

Why Businesses Need a Website That Can Be Found In Local Searches

The Internet has now become a dominant source of information in todays world. Businesses these days cant afford to lose potential customers that they can easily reach online. In fact, those who have access to the Internet tend to research products and services online before making any purchase decision. Thus, by listing your website in local search results, you can easily reach Internet users all around your local target market. Many of which are currently searching for a company that provides your very service. The question is, did they find your business or your competitions?

If used wisely, online marketing efforts can also help to build your brand identity in the market, which usually comprise of a website, online marketing and some social media outreach. If you have a website with the correct contact details of your company, descriptions of your products or services and testimonials then most of the visitors to your website will consider you to be an genuine company, thus, helping you to increase your credibility as a reputed organization.

Advantages of Having a Business Web Site

Buyers usually prefer to view products or services online before buying it. So, if your website provides enough information to would-be buyers, possibly even a review, it helps build your credibility over your competitors who may not have taken this extra step.

  • Anybody searching for a local company that provides your services will be able to find you.
  • Visitors coming to your website can go through it any time they want. It will be available to them 24×7. With the busy lifestyles of people today they may not have time to look for a local provider of a given service until the evening; this is when they turn to the internet. Are you positioned to be the business that is found in their search?
  • If you put some informative articles on your website then people will consider your website as a great source of information. Along with it, people will get to know about your product or services that you offer.
  • If your customers are constantly having the same questions then make sure that they can get their answers from your website. This will help cut down on physical phone calls and allow you to use that time elsewhere to further grow your business.
  • Provide some information about your business or company, because people often want to know about the company or the business from which they are purchasing products or services.
  • You can cut down on your other advertising cost. Promoting or advertising your business can be done through the website and that will be available to your customers 24/7. Unlike newspaper ads or radio ads that you pay for, once they are gone, they are gone. Your website after its initial development cost will always be available.
  • Regular advertising campaigns are very time consuming. But advertising through the Internet can be done quickly.

While planning a website for your business, keep in mind the target audience for your product or service. Try to imagine what the customers want from you. Provide information that will be helpful to the potential customers. If they get nothing from your website chances are they may look at your competition that is providing better information.

A high-quality design for your website is also very important. If a website looks unprofessional, that is the image that will be painted in the minds of your potential customers. They dont know you or your company so your website is essentially how your business will be judged. While that may not sound fair, at that time it is the only information that is available for the shopper to make a decision on, so keep it professional.

Does your business need a professional website that can be found in your local market? David Kunstek a Local Search expert at PageOne Website Design can help. His main goal is to help businesses attract more clients from their website. For your free evaluation visit our website at or call today at 1-800-349-0223.

Your website should be an asset not an expense

Our name is somewhat deceiving, PageOne website design.  What we really offer on top of website design is a PROFESSIONAL RESULT ORIENTED SERVICE.  What that means is that not only do we offer top notch design but also a means of achieving an ROI from your website. 

We think a website is not to be an expense to your business, but rather an investment that becomes an asset to your business.  Producing sales, leads, appointments or whatever you business goal is.

Websites are not all about ascetics, while you do want them to look nice, the main goal is to provide an ROI for the business owner.   Having a beautiful website that no one ever sees would be the equivalent to putting up a billboard facing away from traffic; it just would not make sense.  So with that said, our philology is to start with a goal, how are you going to get targeted prospects to your website and what do you want them to do once they are there?

With the way people shop for products are services in this day and age it is SO important for a business to be found when being searched for.  There are people out there believe it or not in your target area, that searched today for the very product or service your company provides.  The question is, who did they find?  Your company or your competitors? 

The bottom line is that the internet can really save a struggling business with the proper planning and strategies and that is where we can come in to help your business.  If your website is not producing the results you want, there is a reason why.    Call us today and let’s see how we can help your business become more profitable…..

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