Integral Lighting – Wernersville, PA – New Website Design Launch

Integral Lighting Improves Efficiency by Launching a New and Revamped Website

Wernerville, PA – December 13, 2017 Integral Lighting provides innovative solutions to the hardscape lighting industry. They provide the most up-to-date technology and only release fixtures when they have met their high standards for functionality and safety.

Just as their fixtures are a combination of clean design, easy installation and non-corrosive components, Integral revamped their website to make it easier for customers, giving them a user-friendly and easy to navigate site.

Apart from the home page, the website contains other pages about the company’s lifetime limited warranty, product safety and recalls, specifications and documents, installation guides, becoming a distributor, locating distributors, replacement parts, and more.

The new website is professionally designed by PageOne Design & Marketing LLC, which has a proven track record for delivering only the best products their customers need. PageOne designs, builds, hosts, markets and maintains websites for a variety of companies in multiple industries.

Integral Lighting is backed by over 35 years of experience and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, delivering product and service beyond expectations. Integral is located at 51 North Elm Street, Wernersville, PA 19565 and can be reached at (800)-861-1364. For more information visit or email

Integral Lighting
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PageOne Design & Marketing LLC
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Integral Lighting

Web Marketing Results and Facebook

Building a winning website takes a substantial amount of time and effort.  Search rankings, for example, can take years to build in a competitive niche market.  On the other side of the coin, with social media, most notably Facebook, you can develop content and be viewed by thousands all within the same day.  With that said Facebook is an incredible option for getting a new or traffic stagnant website or blog noticed in very little time at all.  No matter what your needs or your audience; there should be an option to use Facebook to your company’s benefit.


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10 Social Media Tips For The Small Business

Social Media and small businesses were made for each other.  It is a very cost effective way for a small business to target and get their message out to the people that they want to serve.   For starters they should use:

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. A Company Blog

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These are strategies that can help out any small business when it comes to branding and finding qualified prospects via the web.  The best part is that anyone that will take the time can do this for free.


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