Nice website, TOO BAD it looks terrible on my mobile phone

Says the potential customer that never contacts you…

Responsive web design, what does this mean exactly?   As I am sure you are aware there are THOUSANDS of mobile devices on the market today and more coming online every day.  So how do you get your website to display correctly and professional looking on all of these different devices if they all have different screen sizes and technology that renders your website differently?

The answer is responsive web design…  Depending on the application and intended audience we do this a few different ways.  My favorite option, is that we can create a mobile only version of a website.  I am sure you have seen one before, your browsing along on your mobile device, go to a website and you get automatically redirected to version of the website that is more compact, has all vital information and is optimized for mobile viewing, ya we can build one of those for you too…  Considering mobile devices outnumber PCs 4-1, you might want to consider mobilizing your website.

Another option would be where we would leverage your websites CSS and create a site layout that would adapt itself to the screen size of the mobile device that is accessing it.   This is definitely the more complex and time consuming option of the two.  Which one you choose entirely depends on your websites goals and what you are trying to accomplish.  If you are interested in learning more about our mobile services please give us a call at 570-794-5089.

David Kunstek, Web Developer

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