PageOne Website Design – Janurary 2009 Newsletter

Hello from PageOne Website Design and welcome to our first quarterly newsletter.  You are receiving this because at one point or another we contacted you about our website services, we thought you could benefit from it or you are already a valued client. 

Either way the goal of our newsletters will be to provide useful and practical information that you can implement into your business.  If you have any suggestions or request for specific topics of interest for future newsletters please email them to me directly at

In this newsletter we will cover:

  1. Our big move
  2. Words Matter – On your website or other marketing materials
  3. Why your website can be COSTING your business money
  4. Thank you and a note from David Kunstek


In early December of 2008 we moved into our new office located at One South Second Street in Pottsville.  The building was formerly the Pottsville post office before it moved to its current location.  This was a needed move for us because of our rapid growth and the need to find a location that would allow us to expand further and better serve our customer base.   We look forward to serving the local and regional areas for years to come.

Words Matter

Why Do Words Matter?

There’s a marriage when it comes to marketing. One half is design while the other is copy. Copywriting is often one of the more overlooked aspects because businesses believe they can do it themselves. It’s only words, right? Actually…no.

Regardless of the medium (web sites, brochures, postcards, etc.) the words you pick need to sell your business. For example, copy on a web site should be Search Engine friendly, without a doubt. You need to include words that people are typing into search engines if you expect to be found. However, that search engine optimized copy also has to motivate the buyer and contain the right call to action.

And this is where businesses often fail in their approach. They simply don’t have the inside track on what makes copy work for them. A winning design means little to a company if the copy doesn’t spur those visitors to call them.

That’s why if you’re budgeting for a new marketing project always be sure you include copywriting as one of the components. The reason is the best design in the world will fall flat if the words you pick are the wrong ones. And if you’re struggling with finding the right words to say, contact PageOne.

You’ll get a custom quote at no charge so you can turn those web visitors (or any marketing material / advertisement for that matter) into buyers.

Why your website can be COSTING your business money

Is Your Web Site an Eyesore? Then You’re Losing Money

Let’s say you have a site now, but it looks like a third-grader designed it. The reason you built it in the first place is because you were told everyone is on the web. You need to be there too. Now let’s assume you pay $20 a month for web hosting. That’s $240 a year. Imagine taking that $240 to your driveway and lighting it on fire. While you’re at it, toss in another grand or two so you keep the flames burning. Oh, heck, toss in three or four grand more since it’s nearly winter and it’s colder outside.

Would you do that? Of course not. That’s insane, right?

But that’s exactly what you’re doing when you have a poorly designed web site. Not only are you losing money by hosting an eyesore, you’re scaring away potential customers. After all, would you give your hard earned money to a site that looks ‘shady’ and makes you wonder if you’ll be another statistic of identity theft? Again, of course not. So why are your customers any different? The answer is…they’re not.

Your web site is a reflection of your business. How you conduct your website ties directly in with how people view your business. You need to establish trust right from the very start and that’s what a professional looking design does. It’s a small investment for a huge return.

So for all our subscribers who’ve made the ‘leap’ into improving their brand image, congratulations. For those of you still deciding…the real question should be, “How much of your money are you willing to burn?” If you decide you’d like to start earning more profits, rather than watching your money go up in smoke, contact us today.

Thank you

Thank you for reading our first quarterly newsletter.  With this being our first newsletter we welcome any and all feedback so that we may improve and provide useful information to the business community that we serve.

Since we moved shop to downtown Pottsville I just can’t say enough about how warmly we have been received by the local business community.  From other local businesses, the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce, the wonderful people at PADCO, the Schuylkill Technology Incubator and the people in the Small Business Development Center, all I can say is thank you.  I don’t think the rest of the community is aware of how much help there really is for businesses that want to grow here in the Pottsville area and Schuylkill county.

In our next issue some topics that we are going to touch on are:

1) A website case study of a local business.
2) How to find out if people are actually looking for your business or service on Google.
3) Some ideas on how you can use the web to generate more foot traffic or phone calls into your business.

Until next time, thank you for reading and if you have any kind of website or internet related question please call me personally at (570) 794-5089.

Warmest Regards,
David Kunstek

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