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Below you will find the common questions we ask of a client that would like to get professional copywriting work done.  Please contact us by calling 1-800-349-0223 if you have any questions or would like a consultation.

Marketing Questions…

What do you feel are the benefits for buyers? In other words how would you answer the buyer question of “What’s in it for me?” and “How do you make my life better?

What are your goals for search engine optimization?

What do you do to generate new sales and leads?

How do you plan to communicate with customers (call center, email, forums, live chat, etc.)?

How do you see search engine marketing fitting into your strategy?

What are all the ways you plan to make money with the site?

What is your own role in the organization?

Does anyone else play a vital role in the company?
Technical Web Questions…

Do you use a content management system? If so, which one?

How many people will publish content on your site?

Do you have Website logs or statistics available?

Are you currently using pay-per-click advertising or do you plan to?

Do you track other metrics, such as conversion rate, profit per sale, cost per visitor, etc.? If so, is this information available?

Is the site currently being spidered by the major search engines or will it be after launch?

What do you believe are the keywords people would use to find this site (brainstorm seed list)? In other words do you believe there are phases or words that people will use to find your site?

Questions specific to the About Us page

How did the company/organization get started?

Where are you based?

Why do you believe it is so successful?

What is the best part of running the business/organization?

What future plans do you have for the company?

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