What kind of a business can we help with a website?

What kind of a business can we help with a website?

Businesses that you know of that have been affected by the economic downturn.  They may be saying things like:  Where did all our customers go?  Our yellow page advertising or our newspaper ads aren’t working anymore!   Were doing the same thing we have always done but our business is down!

The truth is that people are still looking for the services that these businesses provide.  The difference is that they just changed how they shop.  They are on the internet looking at the website of local business that offers the services they have a need for. 

Really the only way to get in front of these shoppers is to have a website.  Consumers of today’s day and age just don’t open the yellow pages like they did years ago.  Today they will go to their favorite search engine, type in the product or service they are looking for and follow it with a city and a state so they can find the local providers.

For example, a few months ago the furnace in my home had a melt down and I needed it fixed as soon as possible.  I went to Google and typed in “Plumber Pottsville PA”, looked through a couple of websites and the company I picked I spent almost $4000.00 with 2 days later.  The companies that did not have a website were not even in the running for my business.  This is just how people shop today and you need to position your business to be found or suffer the consequences.

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