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Hosting & Maintenance

PageOne understands how time consuming and stressful it is to run a business, without having to worry whether or not your website is up and running. It can be frustrating to deal with server setups, DNS settings and IP addresses – especially if you don’t have the experience and need to do it every day. Now, you can leave it all up to us. If you prefer, we can also maintain your domain registration so it isn’t over-looked or neglected at renewal time, which causes your website to be offline.

Your website will be hosted on a 24/7 monitored server. Upgrades, updates, and maintenance checks are performed without any interruptions to your website or email services. You need and deserve the confidence in knowing that the server hardware and software is housed at a high-performance, highly secure and well monitored operation center.

Choose from the packages below:

Support 15

Just hosting.  This plan is designed for the business that will have minimal changes to be made and just want their website hosted, secured and have email service.  Changes and support will be charged hourly as needed.

Monthly Investment $36.00

Support 30

Hosting, with 6 hours of updates per year (1/2 hour per month).  Changes and updates could be uploading pdf newsletters or new products/services.
*Most businesses brand new to the web, regardless of the industry, pick this choice because they will not incur additional charges for routine changes and updates later.

Monthly Investment $59.00

Support 60

Hosting, with 12 hours of updates included per year (1 hour per month). This plan appeals to business like those in package two. But these companies also want to gain more exposure via SEO tactics, such as blogs, SEO articles, and additional page content. By continually adding this new content their site can have greater appeal to search engines…and customers.

Monthly Investment $99.00

Support 120

ULTIMATE HOSTING.  Hosting, with 24 hours of updates per year (2 hours a month).  This plan is for businesses like package three, but who require continuous development or updates like multiple new products, continuous case studies featuring ‘before and after’ selling points, video uploading… In short, anything ‘web related’.

Monthly Investment $192.00

Custom Packages

If your company is in need of more website maintenance than in the  above packages we will design a plan to meet your needs. Request a quote.

Maintenance time for each month rolls over with the calendar quarters. For example, if you did not require any updates in January and  February, all of that time would roll over into March.  But if you did  not use that time buy the end of March it would expire and start over with the new quarter in April. Meaning that any time left at the end of a quarter that remains unused will expire and start over again with the new quarter. Without a maintenance package, our hourly rate for website maintenance is $105.00 an hour, with a 1/4 hour minimum per update.

Requesting A Website Update – To have your site  updated, just send an email to: info@PageOneWD.Com. Updates will be  completed within 1-2 business days, in most cases it will be done the  same business day as long as they are received early in the day.

Updates should be sent to us via email 2 – 3 days or more in advance of  required date.

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