Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile Responsive Design


If Your Answer is NO, PageOne Can Help!

Mobile Usage is Growing!

Smartphones are now the #1 way people shop, research and purchase products online…and the market is only growing bigger. Mobile sales are outpacing PC sales for the first time. By next year, it is estimated that 80% of all web searches will be done on a mobile device.

The Pros at PageOne are well aware of this amazing trend and are ready to transform your online presence into a Mobile Responsive Website.  In today’s marketplace  your company’s website must be able to adapt naturally and automatically to whatever device your customer is utilizing.

Why Is it So Important?

Responsive web design makes a single website work efficiently on desktop browsers as well as on the variety of mobile devices.  Responsive architecture guarantees the best quality browsing experience – no matter what device your customer is using and regardless of the operating system.

All Consumers are different… some browse while on the go and others prefer sitting at a desk. The responsive websites developed by our experts at PageOne all adapt automatically to the device viewing them. That way no matter where the customer is located or what device they are using, the  website provides the same great experience. Desktops get the full-blown treatment with large images, videos and animation. Smartphones get a simplified site that runs quickly. Tablets and netbooks get something in between.

No more pinch and zoom needed…. just simpler navigation…focused content and fast page loads. No more clutter and less time trying to fit the content onto a screen that is just not big enough

These are a few of just a few of the benefits of your new mobile responsive website…

The bottom line- you can count on more leads, more traffic and more loyal customers.

In other words your site must be responsive to your customer…, whether they are using a small desktop or laptop, widescreen PC monitor, a tablet, or a mobile phone. No business can afford to lose customers because they can not read about what you are selling or servicing.

We offer FREE consultations on your existing site… we will analyze to see how adaptive your website is… meanwhile solving your other website issues at the same time.. Why wait! Let’s get started.

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