Copywriting Services

A positive web presence is a marriage of sorts. A site needs more than just eye-catching, excellent navigation and a search engine friendly design. It also needs written content that calls your customers to action and illustrates you as a leader in your field. Without both of these marketing tools working together all your efforts will be for naught. Many businesses and organizations try to cut corners by sacrificing copy quality and doing the writing themselves. Although a handful of clients do understand the marketing concept of the written word, the truth is most simply do not… and their sites fail to generate the response expected. Why take the chance? That’s why we urge our clients use a professional copywriter for their web marketing materials, including web text.

The investment in our copywriting services is $75 – $150 per page on average; the cost is based on the page being 250 – 350 words. The cost will increase or decrease with the number of words that are used and the difficulty of the subject matter. The copy will be benefit oriented and fashioned in order to get the reader to take a specific desired action. If you would like to receive a quote for the copy to be completed, simply let us know. We are located at One South Second Street, Pottsville, PA, in Schuylkill County.

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