Welbilt Homes Client Testimonial

We recently applied for membership in a local networking group and as any worthy group would do, they ask for references.  From a reference we provided to the group, our client responded to the questions below:

Good Afternoon Deana,

I would gladly give the following recommendations regarding David Kunstek.

Your questions were as follows:

1.  How long have you worked with David.

I have worked with David for approximately 4 years.

2.  Has it been a positive experience ?

Most definitely.  David has promoted his company in a very positive way, never trying to overpowering me with a lot of technical terminology that I could not understand.   He sold me on what he could provide to me, never insulting what my website currently was lacking, but only showing me where I could improve and promote my business.  I respected that right from the start.

Today there are alot of companies that have an attack methodology that they use to promote themselves by driving other business and industries down to help themselves excel.  I found that this was very positive and professional.  My husband and I, together, run our building business for the last 23 years and consider ourselves “old school” in that same area.  You do not have to knock someone elses business in order to promote your own, and we were both very glad to see this in a younger man doing business in today’s society.

3.  Would you recommend him ?

Yes, I would highly recommend David.  He is very considerate, has fresh ideas, and will even help you to understand areas that are not in your profession.  He recommended to me that I read a book that is currently on the market to help me to understand the terminology and the ideas that are expected of me to help myself promote my business through the internet and on my website.

I have read this book, and it helped me considerably.  David has added to his team, Christine, who is very helpful and ambitious in her field with new and fresh ideas.

I hope that this has helped you in making a determination in whatever area David is seeking to improve himself in.  I do not think that you would be disappointed with him.


Frances D. Reinert
Vice President

Welbilt Homes Inc.
15 Orchard Lane
Leesport PA 19533



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