A Website is a Necessity for Attracting New Clients in Todays Marketplace

Few organizations have a more acute understanding of the needs of small businesses than the Better Business Bureau. So when their experts start touting the value of a Web presence, it’s time for entrepreneurs to listen up! The BBB recently published an article asking “How badly does your business need a website?” 

BBB CEO Jim Hegarty has an answer! He says, “A website is practically a necessity for attracting new customers in today’s marketplace, but many small business owners haven’t made the time or found the resources to create one,” adding that “…a website might just be the key to surviving and even thriving in this tough economy.” 

For small business operators on the fence about investing in a site, the BBB poses four critical questions:

  1. Can potential customers find you online? “If you can’t find your business among the top results, neither can potential customers,” according to the BBB.
  2. “Does your competition have a website?” It’s more than likely that local and national competitors do have professional Web sites. In fact, it may be beneficial for you to research your competition to see what kind of tools and features will provide you with an ideal competitive advantage! 
  3. How’s your online reputation? Your Web solution is the ultimate way for a business to control its online reputation! Even if your prospect’s business has sustained a little negative feedback on the Web, the BBB points out that “you can mitigate the damage to your business’ reputation by countering with your own website.”  
  4. “Could you expand your sales online?” This is where your Web solution really shines! Not only can businesses use e-commerce tools to sell physical products; they can sell virtual items like mp3 files and set up online appointment-booking capabilities directly from their site! Whether your prospect runs a photography studio or owns a boutique, your solution will enable them to boost their profitability exponentially!

Did you know… 

Consumers are feeling positive about making purchases, and they’re flocking to the Web to do it! comScore’s latest research reports that online retail spending is up 10% this quarter over the same period last year! With a total nearing $34 billion, “smaller retailers are finally beginning to see positive growth once again,” according to the firm! 

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