Your Website IS how your business is perceived

In today’s day and age people form a perception about companies that has NOTHING to do with the building they are located in, the physical location has very little impact in most industries.  Do you really care if your landscaper is working out of his garage or your plumber has everything he needs in his truck and does his paperwork at his kitchen table?  How about an insurance agent, independent financial adviser or public adjustors, most of these people do not have a physical office either.  Do you even ask these type of service providers when they show up about their office or shop?  My bet is the answer is no, you don’t…

So, with that in mind, where do you think that the perception of a business comes from today?  It comes from the digital realm…  It comes from the look, feel and information found on the company’s website!   How does your website look when viewed on a mobile phone or another mobile device?  Do a quick test and have a look, if you don’t have a smart phone to see for yourself I would be willing to bet the very next person you meet today does and they can show you exactly what the perception of your business to the outside world really is.

If you have any thoughts or questions about what you see, feel free to give us a call to get our no obligations opinion of your businesses online perception.

~ David

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